Optimize Financial Strategies with powerful Artificial Intelligence APIs

Our robust plug n play APIs enable easy AI adoption to enhance the efficiency, reliability & transparency of Banking & Fintech domain

Financial operations optimized with AI


Our AI models enable detection of anomalies, potential frauds & compliance breaches long before it affects the organization


Get crucial insights on transactions, trends, returns, etc. with customized AI solutions specific to your data


Equip yourself with the power to act on the problems long before they arise with AI.

What exactly can AI do for Banking & Finance sector?

Fraudulent Activity Detection

Our custom made AI models can detect unidentified transactions, fraudulent activities & alarm you to take necessary actions.

An advanced API model designed for the finance industry, providing robust fraud detection capabilities in real-time

Safeguard your financial operations with Transaction Police, an AI-driven model that employs advanced algorithms to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions

Tailored AI-Powered Insights

With AI models tuned to your dataset, you can extract information, reports & insights in any format from anywhere in the organization. Imagine having your own ChatGPT trained for your organization

Simplify complex financial information with our Data Summarization API, enabling quick and actionable insights

Simplify tax processes with AI Taxation Assistant, an API model designed to provide accurate and efficient financial guidance

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Frequently asked questions

AI Marketplace is driven by one of the largest data science community – AI Planet, formerly DPhi. The sellers on AI Marketplace are some of the finest vetted industry data scientists who utilize their expertise to build AI models for the marketplace.

Anyone – ranging from a company to a developer or student can come to AI Marketplace and purchase AI models that allow them to plug and play AI in their products/projects.

Thank you for your interest. We constantly look for finest data scientists who can solve business and social problems that can impact the world. Please drop us a line at [email protected] for the next steps.

AI models on AI Marketplace are provided in the form of end points APIs, making it easy for developers to plug and play AI into their software products seamlessly. More details and documentation on complete implementation will be shared upon our product release.