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AI Marketplace Models

Access any model though secure and scalable APIs. Add AI to your apps 10x faster and up to 15x cheaper

Our ready-to-use and custom models

Machine Learning

Harness the potential of machine learning models to enable predictive and intelligent solutions

Natural Language Processing

Unlock the hidden potential of textual data, enabling language understanding, analysis, and natural language processing at scale.


Speech models revolutionizing speech recognition, transcription, and voice synthesis for seamless human-computer interaction and voice-enabled technologies

Computer Vision

Enable image analysis, object recognition, and enhanced visual understanding for a wide range of applications from autonomous vehicles to medical diagnostics

Generative AI Models Text Generation Image Generation Audio Generation Video Generation Code Generation

Harness the ability to generate realistic images, texts, and even music, pushing the boundaries of imagination and opening new possibilities

Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence with our tailored models

Frequently asked questions

AI Marketplace is driven by one of the largest data science community – AI Planet, formerly DPhi. The sellers on AI Marketplace are some of the finest vetted industry data scientists who utilize their expertise to build AI models for the marketplace.

Anyone – ranging from a company to a developer or student can come to AI Marketplace and purchase AI models that allow them to plug and play AI in their products/projects.

Thank you for your interest. We constantly look for finest data scientists who can solve business and social problems that can impact the world. Please drop us a line at [email protected] for the next steps.

AI models on AI Marketplace are provided in the form of end points APIs, making it easy for developers to plug and play AI into their software products seamlessly. More details and documentation on complete implementation will be shared upon our product release.